Dealer Information

HSR offers a Rent-To-Own option for your customers who are on a budget or may not want to pay cash for an outdoor structure. This program is a NO COST option to you as a dealer. 

How it works:

1. Your customer chooses a structure at your lot.

2. You complete the necessary forms, collect the deposit from the customer and send the forms along with your invoice to us.

3. Once we receive the completed forms, we will mail you a check for the cash price of the barn.

4. Your customer then becomes our customer. We will send them a Welcome Packet with payment coupons and they will begin making payments to us for the term of their contract. 

5. Once they complete their term (or pay the structure off early), they will receive a Transfer of Ownership letter from us and the structure then belongs to them.

It’s a simple affordable solution for your customers who prefer to make monthly payments on their outdoor structure.

For more information on how our RTO program works or to become an HSR Dealer, please call us at 866-233-4543 or email us at